Thursday, June 14, 2012


 Do you know the feeling of waking up and not knowing how great the day is going to be? I just had a day like that. I was sick yesterday and this morning I woke up feeling amazing. I had plenty of time so I chose to go for a run. Afterwards I ate the best breakfast I've tasted in ages. Then it was time to go to Malmö with my lovely class. I enjoyed the day going to a museum, shopping and eating icecream and in company with some of my best friends. I bought something that I've wanted for some time now, I spend all my money on it. I can hold it in my hands. Can you guess what it is? That will be a surprise for now. When my class returned to Copenhagen my mom picked me up with a box of icecream from paradis is. Yum yum. Then I went home and watched 500 days of summer in company with an icereambox. Then my mom and I did a danceoff to this great song from the movie. I won, hell yeah!

I hope i didn't bore you too much with my day in details. By the way here is what i wore today. Very basic, easy to take off (lol) and incredible comfty. I'm going to show it later.


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