Sunday, August 12, 2012



AUTUMN 2012 by astaambro featuring a denim leather jacket

Hey guys!

Here is my idea of the perfect autumn outfit. I though that I posted some new ins, but since my computer broke down I'm doing it on my phone. After tomorrow there'll be no problems with uploading posts, beacause I got a macbook pro, an early birthday gift. I'm so happy! Really I can't believe that tomorrow i have a macbook. By the way, the things that I bought are from H&M. I got some "leather" pants. They are abselutely gorgeous. I've been looking for some like theese for ages. I also bought a leopard skirt. It sounds weird, but it really isn't. And I bought these kickass shoes. Seriously, they are sooo cool. See you soon. Tomorrow I'm starting eighth grade, I just wanted to tell you that, haha. Big day.

Love Asta