Monday, October 1, 2012


Carhartt bag - 180 DKK (about 30 USD)

Jasmin sweater - 20 DKK (about 3 USD)

H&M shirt- 10 DKK but I'm not sure (about 1,5 USD)

Hey beautiful readers,

Yesterday Alma and I was at a flea market. I'm trying to cut down on my clothes  even though it's cheap. I have so many items that aren't being used... :( Luckily I didn't find a lot of stuff. The carhartt bag is perfect. There's a lot of space. There's even a little room where my macbook can fit in. And two water bottle rooms. I'm sure I'll be using it as my book bag. Well the sweater is really nice, I think it looks cute and simple. Even though it's 100 %  it's still warm. I usually don't like wearing acrylic, but what the hell... And the shirt. Damn it's really cute. You can't see the pockets on neither of the pictures but theres two pockets in the front. Really cute. Wow that was a long paragraph about three items. 

By the way a new in is coming up. So stay tuned!


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