Friday, November 2, 2012

help me girls, I'm no fashionista


HELP by astaambro featuring cheap monday

Hey girls ...

I bet you said "did you know... that...uhm " Well, there's no surprise in me not being a fashionista, but I got my salary for both of my jobs and ... yeah I wanna blow them off on something. Instead of just going to caf├ęs (as I usually do) I want to buy something I really need and want. For example the balengiaga bracelet is absolutely gorgeous, god dammit, but so are the airmax and unfortunately I can't afford both. So I have to choose. There are two plans... Its really a dilemma for me, aha. I need a fashionistas point of view on this.

Plan 1:
Balenciaga bracelet
Nike Blazer low
H&M printed jeans

Plan 2:
Nike airmax
H&M printed jeans
Cheap monday lace top
twisted ring from ebay
Cheap monday bracelet
Extra money + silly stuff xD

So, please help me! I need you.

See you soon.

Ps. I am so so sorry for not blogging very often. We have had so many assignments and I said to my self "Oh Asta, you can just blog tomorrow". And that tomorrow was today.

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